Silkscreen preview

Annelies went silkscreening with Stella yesterday 
 A little preview of what she did (final result soon online).

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  1. · { oh la la you won my India giweaway ;-) } ·

  2. congrats to winning a giveaway!!!!

    oh oh, and would you please teach me how to do silkscreen printing? I'm curious to see the results!

  3. I was also always curious to know how sikscreen printing works! That's why I took a workshop with ' STELLA' and let me tell you: it's not something you can do at home... Unfortunately! You need a lot of products, inks, equipment ( you need special light bulbs to burn the foil on to the screen...) I would suggest you look for a workshop in your area because it's a LOT of fun! And the result is amazing. We'll post the result probably this week...

  4. Ik probeerde het te googlen, maar ik vind stella nergens terug. Gaan die workshops nog door? Looks like lots of fun!

    1. Het was via de Scheld'apen dat wij die workshop gevolgd hebben. Heel leuk om te doen!