Meanwhile in the vegetable garden...

Potatoes are showing there first leaves, red and white onions are going strong, lots of red berries this year and hopefully my peas will not be eaten by snails again!


 Last week I harvested for the first time from my rhubarb and made a refreshing lemonade from the stems. I found the recipe here (sorry only in Dutch). Next harvest is for jam!

Tip: don't cut the stems, you will hurt the plant. You need to pull the stems. They pop off very easily.

Grey sunday

On this very grey sunday, I'm practicing on drawing garden perspectives for school. It is harder than it looks! But it really does give a much better understanding how your garden would look. So I'll keep on practicing!

When visiting a nursery yesterday, I could help myself buying a new plant. I love the quirky shape and color of this Sedum!

- In love with this website and the work of these people!
- As I am participating with 40 days no meat, I'm on the lookout for new recipes. This looks delecious!
- A very honest blogpost that gave me a good feeling. A must read!

Our Strange Nature x Madame Volt

Two weeks ago we teamed up with Madame Volt to make pictures for her new SS15 collection. Using plants, vintage and found object we created a green atmosphere that goes well with her hand painted wooden jewelry! I took some behind the scene pictures. The full collection you can find on here facbook page here.  If you ever want to work with us on projects - big or small - we would be more than happy to!