My letter to the lovely Fiona arrived the other day. She's an amazing cook and loves to take beautiful pictures of the food she makes. Everything always looks so delicious. Take a look here.

Picture taken by Fiona Ling

Plant swap + shop update

We updated our online shop with some new items! Have a look...we hope you like it!
And for the people in the Antwerp area, we are organizing a plant swap in our N°9 shop this Saturday. Feel free to come by with an old plant to swap it for another one.

See you there!

TUBA - N°9

Last weekend we celebrated the opening of our very own collaborated pop up shop called N°9!
It was celebrated with whine, good people and music.

Lien Hereijgers invited us into her work space where she designs and makes beautiful jewelry and asked us to join the TUBA festival. An initiative to upgrade the TUrnhoutseBAan where there are a lot of empty shop spaces.
We created for Lien a natural space using reclaimed wood and light colors. A space where both here jewelry as our own products came together well.

The space was finished with light fixtures of Oplichterslampen and pillows by Liselotte Kerkhof

 Chris Reijnen created for the occasion a huge pencil drawing. Check out the process here!

For the shop we created a few new wooden products, a new sets of postcard,... 
We are also working on silkscreened items that will be in the shop ( N°9 and online) very soon!

Come and visit us when you can:

Turnhoutsebaan 9
2100 Deurne
6/11 - 21/12
Thu-Sa: 13h-20h
also open on Su 14/12 and 21/12
and... a plant swap on saturday 29/11 !

Our house!

After a long period of silence, it is finally time for an update. What a crazy few months! 

We bought a house earlier this year, in August we moved in and started renovating - starting with the garden. Well, garden... More like 3 meters of prickly bush and then a huge shed filled with junk. Here are some pictures for you to see. 

The shed was on the verge of collapsing after years of neglect. So we started with the demolition

After a few hours it looked like this...

And then the big conifer had to be taken down and cut into little pieces.

 And this is how it looks now now. Hopefully next year it will be a beautiful garden!

Summer in the allotment garden

The flowers are blossoming in my allotment garden, the Humulus lupulus at the entrance will soon reveal it's light green bells and for the first time in 5 years I have carrots!

This picture made me want to visit Bruges.
Funny GIF by Oamul.
Loving the illustrations of Amyisla Mccombie!