Grey sunday

On this very grey sunday, I'm practicing on drawing garden perspectives for school. It is harder than it looks! But it really does give a much better understanding how your garden would look. So I'll keep on practicing!

When visiting a nursery yesterday, I could help myself buying a new plant. I love the quirky shape and color of this Sedum!

- In love with this website and the work of these people!
- As I am participating with 40 days no meat, I'm on the lookout for new recipes. This looks delecious!
- A very honest blogpost that gave me a good feeling. A must read!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Annelies,

    Hello, your garden perspectives drawing looks good, i am sure it will be better through practicing! Thank you for sharing nice webpage and the recipe looks so yum!!

    xoxo -fiona