Yesterday I turned 27. Unfortunately I had to work. But when I got home, Chris surprised me with a decorated apartment and a great present : mt tape and a red scale. Just what I needed! I also received some mail, including this ' Spaces' book from Frankie that my Australian colleague sent me! 
I was a happy camper :)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday - what lovely presents and a nice man you have in your life :) Hope you enjoy the long weekend x

    1. Thanks Kerry! And I know Chris would agree with your statement there ;-)

  2. Nog een gelukkige verjaardag :) geniet lekker van je week-end!

  3. happy belated birthday, and these are wonderful presents, I love Spaces!

  4. Nog een gelukkige verjaardag. Het boek "spaces" heb ik ook en is super!
    Fijn weekend!