It appears summer has started here in Antwerp with temperatures of 28°C and more. The city is so pretty in the summer. Not to far from our place, 2 huge green houses were built. Such an original shape and very well made. In the community gardens everything is growing as well and it is a pleasure to cycle along the green bike paths. We love summer!

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  1. It's sunny in France too and i have a lot of roses in the garden, which makes me happy! enjoy these beautiful days of summer, love!

  2. very lovely post. It is a bit cold now here in London but that is good news for the plants, I hope you are still enjoying the sunshine

  3. Wow, Buckminster Fuller inspired Greenhouses! I am so jealous! Have to get my boy to build one too!

  4. Was dat dat project op Linkeroever? Of is het ergens anders? Zo mooi.

    1. nee, dat was niet Biodroom op Linkeroever. Gewoon een buurtproject in Borgerhout!