Snail mail

Last week Fiona treated us with a very crafty package filled with a lovely letter, 
stickers, cards, eggplant seeds, stationary... You name it, it was in the package! 
It was our very first letter from Malaysia. Thanks Fiona!

* check out a review about Chris' zine here . He has also sent a couple of his zines 
to the Zineshow in Ukraine!

A + C

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Annelies,

    oh~ so lovely! thanks for posting those image, the package look nice in the image >_<! Thank you very much Annelies! ^^Please wait for my next package dear!hehe...

  2. Daar word je toch onmiddellijk blij van als je zo'n leuk pakje in de bus krijgt.