March is a busy month for you gardeners! If it's not too cold, there is already a lot to do:
- Plant peas, all kinds of beans, shallots, onions, lettuce, carrots, radish, parsnip, cauliflower, parsley, sellery
  (outdoor). If its still to cold, you can put install a plastic tunnel to warm up the soil. Don't plant too much 
   at once unless you want to eat lettuce every day. Plant every two weeks so you can harvest regularly. 
- Plant your tomato seeds, paprika, aubergine, pepper, cucumber  (inside).
- Ever 3 years you can multiply the perennials in your garden. This will rejuvenate them. Just take the perennials 
   out of the ground and tear them in half. 
- Trim your roses. 
- Fertilize your garden: add compost and a soil improver to give your soil a boost. 
And keep on weeding. It will really save you a lot of work in the summer!

DRAWING by our strange nature - gardening tool essentials 

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