It's a little bit difficult to give gardening tips at the moment because of the strange temperatures. Usually it's
about 15°C around this time. But in Belgium it's still 5°C during the day and it freezes at night! Spring just won't come. During the day, when it's not freezing, you can do the following:
- Trim your lavender, roses, buddleja, acacia, catalpa and fast growing winter green hedges like taxus and
   liguster ( not yet your buxus hedges!)
- After blossoming, you can trim forsythia, ribes, chaenomeles and kerria.
- For flowers such as daffodils, cut the wilted flowers. If not, they will put all their energy in forming seeds.
   If you cut the wilted flowers, all the energy will go to bigger and stronger bulbs.
- You can still plant trees and multiply the perennials.
- By the end of april, you need to plant summer flowering bulbs such as dahlia's, anemones, gladiolus.
- Sow inside: tomatoes, pumpkins, courgettes, corn
- Sow outside: asparagus, potatoes, onions, lettuce, radish, beetroot, peas, beans, broccoli, cauliflower,        
   sprouts, leek,...

DRAWING by our strange nature - cacti collection

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  1. Had ik maar een tuintje, dan kon ik al je tips gebruiken. Ja dat weer, hopelijk komt er vlug wat warmte onze kant uit.