May is the month when you can plant almost everything outside!  
Tradition is to do it after May 15th because before then, it can sometimes be still too cold at night (Ijsheiligen). 
-  Plant outside:  lettuce, parsnip, beans, peas, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, courgettes,
    pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, leek, celeriac, pickle, ...
- Your potatoes should start showing themselves so keep earthing up to prevent new tubors from growing 
   and turning green and poisonous.
- Put straw between your strawberries to keep the fruit from touching the soil and rot.  Thin your strawberry 
   plants if there are too many plants. They should have enough room to grow.  
- By the end of the month, add some organic fertilizers to your vegetables. 
   And as usual, keep on weeding!

PENCIL DRAWING by our strange nature -  ways to protect your crop

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  1. good advice :)

    i helped my father plant potatoes and baby spinach!

    1. I'm really happy my advice helped! And now... we wait to harvest!