Already July! Time really does fly. It sometimes seems I don't have enough time in the world to do all the
things I really want to be doing. But I didn't forget this months gardening tips:
- You can still plant red beetroot and fennel. And If you still want to enjoy those courgettes in October,
   you should plant some extra this month.
- Give extra nutrition to eggplants, peppers and basil.
- Earth up your leek if you want them to be big and strong.
- Sow now to harvest in winter: white and red cabbage, sprouts and kale. Sow on a 'waiting bed', after 2-3
   weeks plant out the young seedlings.
- Harvest! Enjoy what you have sown and worked hard for! Harvest courgettes as young as possible: when
   they are about 10-15 cm long . The taste is so much better and it will stimulate the plant to grow more
   and more courgettes.

2 great tumblrs - here and here
And I love these prints by Liam Stevens!

DRAWING by our strange nature -  a look on my own vegetable garden

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