Here are some gardening tips for June:

- you can plant everything straight in the soil in June. No need to plant it in small pots inside first. You can saw: lettuce, spinach, beetroots, radish, beans, courgettes, paprika, peppers, eggplant, corn,... And you can already start thinking about fall: plant some cauliflower, pumpkins, cabbage and sprouts. 
- Give plenty of water when it hasn't rained a couple of days
- Check for diseases. Last year I had the Colorado beetle on my potato plants. They ate everything! So not this year there not!
- Put a net over your blueberries, raspberries,... if you want to eat some yourself. 
- Put straw between your strawberries to protect them from dirt and sand. 
- After the first harvest, fertilize. 
- And as always, weed, weed, weed. 

Nikki and Julie both blogged about Pots and Paper. Check it out!
I've also update the shop a little bit.
And tonight i'm leaving for a weekend Cologne. I can't wait to go on a mini holiday!

DRAWING by our strange nature - my dream greenhouse

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  1. love the drawing :)

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  2. Thanks Christian! Love the vibe on your blog! I'll check it out regularly...