It's getting dark really early these days. So there's only in the daytime and weekends to work in your garden:

- If you haven't dug the garden yet, there's still time to do it this month. By digging, snow and frost can
   easily go through the slits so that the soil will crumble and the superstructure will benefit.
- Keep your garden free from puddles. Dig trenches so that the water can go to the canals. A wet soil will
   warm up much slower in spring so you have to start sowing and planting later than usual.
- Take out the chicory roots, let them rest for a couple of weeks to then cut of the leaves 3 cm above
   the roots and ensilage.
- Harvest celeriac, celery, parsnip and salsify before it starts to freeze.
- Rend rhubarb.
- Wait with the harvesting of green cabbages and sprouts . Best to wait until it has frozen well.
- Plants and cut fruit trees.
- Take dahlias, begonias and gladioli out of the ground . Store them in a dark, frost-free place.
   Check once and a while for fungi.
- Plant tulips, spring anemomes and roses.
- Start buying seeds for next year.

DRAWING by our strange nature - Leaf / 2003 sketchbook 

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