Pots & Paper #3 - Amsterdam

This weekend we organized our third edition of Pots and Paper in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 
We occupied the second floor of the tiny little shop Hear Hear. 
Here are some pictures for those who couldn't make it. 

Illustrations by Chris Reijnen and Siglinde Bossuwé
Ceramics by Rena Noordermeer.

Flower skulls by Judith de Vries

Because the shop is in a busy alley, there were also tourists that bought a few items. They will travel with them back to their home country. It's nice to know that your handmade pieces will find a nice place all over the world. A big thanks to Rena for inviting us and participating by making beautiful ceramics. And also to ChrisSiglinde and Judith for making this edition what it was!  The pieces that weren't sold will be put on our online shop this week! 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's so nice that there are many trees in this shop.

  2. Annelies, het zag er geweldig uit! Je hebt dat weer heel goed gedaan!
    (mag ik volgende keer mee ; )