Lots of planning

Great news! There is going to be a second edition of Pots & Paper! 
I'm super excited. This time we will please the people from and around Gent because it will take place in the beautiful Jardin Bohémien. Even the name is appropriate! It's a great coffee/lunch place but also offers 
furniture and interior advice, sells vintage objects and has a bed & breakfast. This saturday I'm meeting the 
owner to finalize everything so more updates, such as a date, very soon! 

I'm also planning a trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Java to visit friends. In 3 weeks I will finally have some holiday! 
It seems like I have been working non stop for almost a year. Time for a well deserved break. 
3 weeks of sun, beach, seafood, snorkling, surfing,... Can't wait!

PHOTOS: from Jardin Bohémien's facebook page.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. geniet van je welverdiende vakantie

  2. Hurray,i would much love to go to this edition :)

    Three weeks of sun far away from Europe sounds like heaven!